10 Exciting New Features Of GoPro Hero12

Impressive Sensor

equipped with a 1/1.9 (6.3 x 5.5mm) CMOS sensor, it delivers stunning visuals in a native 8:7 aspect ratio.

High-Quality Video

Capture 5.3K video at up to 60p or 4K at up to 120p for incredibly detailed footage.

Slow-Mo Mastery

Experience 8x slow-motion magic with 2.7K at 240p perfect for epic moments.

HDR Video Mode

Dive into the world of vibrant and lifelike visuals with the 'HDR' video mode.

Vertical Video

Create engaging content with ease, thanks to vertical video support in a 9:16 ratio.

Pro-Level Video

Shoot like a pro with 10-bit video capability and the new GP-Log video option.

Stunning Stills

Extract 24.7MP still photos from your video footage for captivating shots.

Photography Excellence

Capture 27MP photos including Raw + JPEG for professional-grade images.

Wide-Angle Wonder

Enjoy an ultra-wide 177° field of view and amplify it further with the optional Max Lens Mod 2.0.

Extended Battery Life

Hero12 outlasts with 2 times longer runtime than its predecessor, offering 70 minutes at 5.3K60 and 58 minutes at 4K120.