Best Roller Skate Brands in the World for its Quality and Performance

Riedell Skates

Riedell Skates is one of the most respected and sought-after roller skate brands globally. Prices for Riedell Skates in the Indian market start from INR 5,000.

Moxi Skates

Known for their vibrant colors and retroinspired designs, Moxi skates not only perform exceptionally well but also make a fashion statement.Prices for Moxi Skates start from INR 8,000.


Sure-Grip skates are renowned for their exceptional grip and stability, making them ideal for outdoor and indoor skating alike.Prices for Sure-Grip skates from INR 6,500.

Bont Skates

Bont Skates utilize advanced materials and cutting-edge technology to provide skaters with unparalleled speed and agility,with prices starting from INR 15,000.

Jackson Ultima

With a strong emphasis on comfort, support, and performance, Jackson Ultima roller skates provide a perfect balance of style and functionality,Prices for Jackson Ultima roller skates start from INR 7,000.

Antik Skate Boots

Antik skates offer excellent durability, responsiveness, and stability. The brand's dedication,Prices for Antik Skate Boots start from INR 12,000.


With a focus on innovation and performance, Powerslide constantly pushes the boundaries of design to deliver,Prices for Powerslide skates starts from INR 6,000.


Trusted by professional hockey players, Bauer roller skates offer exceptional performance, durability,Prices for Bauer roller skates start from INR 9,000.

Rookie Skates

The brand offers a range of stylish and comfortable skates that are perfect for casual skating sessions.Prices for Rookie skates start from INR 3,000.

Edea Skates

While primarily focused on ice skates, Edea also offers roller skates for artistic and dance skating.Prices for Edea Skates start from INR 10,000.

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