10 Best Super computers In The World

Fugaku (Japan)

Fugaku in Japan is the fastest supercomputer globally and capable of performing more than 442 petaflops.

Summit (USA)

Summit can perform  over 148 petaflops making it one of the most powerful supercomputers globally.

Sierra (USA)

Situated at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, USA, specializes in nuclear weapons simulations and achieves approximately 94 petaflops.

Sunway TaihuLight (China)

can perform about 93 petaflops  and is one of China’s most impressive supercomputers.

Tianhe-2A (China)

Also known as Milky Way-2A, this Chinese supercomputer achieves around 61 petaflops and is famous for its efficiency.

SuperMUC-NG (Germany)

Located in Germany at the Leibniz Supercomputing Centre, SuperMUC-NG performs around 26 petaflops and supports various scientific research projects.

Piz Daint (Switzerland)

can achieve about 21 petaflops and is crucial for weather forecasting and climate research

Trinity (USA)

Situated at Los Alamos National Laboratory it can performs approximately 20 petaflops and is used for nuclear weapons research.

AI Bridging Cloud Infrastructure (Japan)

Also known as ABCI can achieve around 19 petaflops and is specifically designed for artificial intelligence applications.

Lassen (USA)

performs approximately 18 petaflops and supports various research projects including material science and physics simulations.