10 Gadgets To Help In Babysitting

Baby Monitors

Keep an eye on your little one from anywhere in the house with a baby monitor that offers real-time video and sound monitoringv

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Automatic Rockers

Soothe babies to sleep with gentle rocking motions that mimic a parent’s touch

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Smart Thermometers

Monitor your baby’s temperature accurately and receive alerts if there’s a fever

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Diaper Disposal Systems

Hygienically dispose of diapers with easy-to-use systems that seal away odors

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White Noise Machines

Create a calming environment with soothing sounds to help babies sleep soundly

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Baby Food Makers

Prepare fresh & nutritious baby food at home easily with all-in-one food processors

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Baby Wearable Monitors

Track your baby’s vital signs and sleep patterns for peace of mind

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Electric Bottle Warmers

Quickly warm bottles to the perfect temperature without any guesswork

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UV Sterilizers

Keep baby items germ-free by using UV light sterilizers for pacifiers, toys and feeding accessories

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Babyproofing Kits

Ensure your home is safe for exploring little ones with safety gadgets like corner protectors, cabinet locks and outlet covers

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