Google Pixel Tablet 2 Specs, Rumors & Expected Features

Introduction to Pixel Tablet 2

Google announced the Pixel Tablet 2 in December 2023 with expectations of a potential release in June 2024.

Enhanced Software Integration

The Pixel Tablet 2 is anticipated to leverage the latest Android updates seamlessly. Further integration with Google's ecosystem, including features like improved multitasking and refined user interface elements.

Expected Price

Pixel Tablet 2 is likely to start at $499, similar to its predecessor. Inclusion of accessories like the Charging Speaker Dock.

Processor Upgrade

The tablet may feature Google's Tensor G3 chip in both performance and efficiency compared to its predecessor.

Camera and Machine Learning

Building on the Tensor G3's capabilities improvements in on-device machine learning for enhanced speech recognition could be integrated.

Display Enhancements

Wishlist includes an OLED display for richer visuals and a higher refresh rate for smoother interactions.

Expanded Accessory Lineup

Google is urged to introduce more first-party accessories, such as a Pixel-branded USI pen and a keyboard case.

Charging Speaker Dock Improvement

A desire for the Charging Speaker Dock to function independently from the tablet, transforming into a Nest Audio-like device when detached.

Anticipated Overall Improvements

The Pixel Tablet 2 is expected to address existing limitations, offering a better display, expanded accessory options and enhanced functionality.