Worlds Most Expensive Smartphones Costliest Phone In Markert

Falcon Supernova Iphone 6 

The most expensive mobile phone in the world had costed its owner as much as 48.5 million dollars. The device is made up of 24-carat gold and is studded with a huge Pink Diamond on the back.

Stuart Hughes Iphone 4S Elite Gold

Stuart Hughes Iphone 4S Elite Gold Usd 9.4 Million the second most expensive phone is an iPhone 4s, designed by Stuart Hughes. 

Stuart Hughes Iphone 4 Diamond Rose

Stuart Hughes Iphone 4 Diamond Rose Usd 8 Million the third most expensive phone is an iPhone 4 that is designed by none other than Stuart Hughes.

Goldstriker Iphone 3Gs Supreme

The bezel of this exquisite phone is meticulously handcrafted from platinum, adorned with 130 flawless diamonds, each weighing 0.75 carats, resulting in a total weight of 97.5 carats.

Iphone 3G Kings Button

Iphone 3G Kings Button Usd 2.5 Million the extravagant phone created by Peter Aloisson is crafted from a combination of solid 18-carat yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold. 

Diamond Crypto Smartphone

Once the most expensive phone in the world, the Diamond Crypto Smartphone is designed by Peter Aloisson and created by Russian firm JSC Ancort.

Goldvish Le Million

This extravagant phone is GoldVish's priciest device and was listed in Guinness Book of Worlds Records as the most expensive and exclusive phone in the world at a point in time.

Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot

Designed by the renowned accessory designer Gresso, The Gresso Las Vegas Jackpot features a back panel made of wood, extracted from an African tree that is more than 200 years old.

Goldvish Revolution Usd

Goldvish Revolution is created by the Swiss company Goldvish. The phone features rounded ends and is made up of pink and white gold, diamonds, sapphire glass display, and the finest of leather.

Vertu Signature Cobra

Vertu Signature Cobra Usd 310,000 the most expensive of Vertu, the Signature Cobra features a snake wrapped around its edges. It is made up of two emeralds and 439 rubies.