Latest New Update Zebronics Smart Watch Review 2023

Zebronics Smart Watch

The Zebronics smart watch is more like a smart bracelet with a large screen than a real smartwatch. It has a ton of features, such as SpO2 tracking, and some nice additions like Bluetooth calling, so it should still be enough for whatever task you need.

However, we have learned after using Zebronics smart watch for a few weeks that it is not ideal. Read on to find out if it’s good enough to satisfy those looking for a casually styled smart device with a large screen as it’s priced at Rs. 3,999 in India.

Zebronics Smart Watch


Zebronics Smart Watch Price In India

In India, the Zebronics smart watch is priced at Rs 3,999. Silver, gray and black are the three colors offered. The black and gray options have matching straps, while the silver option has a off-white strap and metallic silver case.

Zebronics Smart Watch Price In India
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Zebronics Smart Watch Design

At a glance, it is not clear that the Smart Watch is a smartwatch. It has two buttons on the right side and looks like a regular chronograph. The display glass, surrounded by a ring-shaped bezel, has minor scratches. For those who are used to larger watches, a 47mm metal case should be fine.

As a result, it weighs just over 60g. Four flat Phillips screws hold the plastic in place, and it is secured at the front. There are two flat contacts for the included magnetic charging cable in addition to the usual sensor array on the back of the case.

The watch has a 3-inch round 1-dot LCD display. The top is flat glass, well protected by a slightly raised metal edge. The meter is rated IP67, which indicates that adequate dust protection is available. However, waterproofing is only effective for up to 30 minutes of exposure at a maximum depth of 1 m.

The standard 22 mm silicone strap with quick release is what Zebronics smartwatches use. Although this smartwatch only comes with one strap in the box (this strap is included), any other strap, which can be easily purchased, can be replaced with this strap. The device is comfortable to wear all day thanks to the silicone material, and I did not find it uncomfortable to wear at night.

The strap closes with a regular buckle, easy to put on and take off. During the review period, the lock is never undone. SpO2 can be tracked on Zebronics smartwatches, which is advantageous in the current pandemic situation and different from Redmi watches. The smartwatch’s 220 mAh battery, according to Zebronics, can last 10 days in standby mode.

Zebronics Smart Watch Design
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Zebronics Smart Watch Software

For the price of the Smartwatch, the fit and finish are excellent, but the software could be a bit better in my opinion. Its main competitor, Redmi Watch, on the other hand, offers a more aesthetic look and more in terms of software customization. The watch cannot be used without the Zeb-Fit 20 Series app installed on the iOS or Android device. One week’s worth of fitness information can be archived here. The firmware of the smartwatch must be updated using this app, which also displays all fitness data.

You can customize and configure notifications, time format, DND mode, weather information, device location, menstrual cycle tracking, and more. In some cases (when the watch is not charging) it even shows the battery level. Like all other smartwatch apps, this one shows your fitness data and I really like how everything is clearly organized and includes explanations for your understanding.

It would be great if Zebronics provided a cloud backup service for medical records. I used my iPhone 11 to test this product, and although I was a bit disappointed at first that it didn’t start backing up my data right away, I later learned that it could connect to the app. iOS Health app after you grant it permission in the settings (under the Me tab). This synchronization will allow the data to be stored in iCloud once it is synced.

Going back to smartwatches, the custom OS has a Theater mode that dims the screen and turns off vibration. This mode is very useful before going to bed. You need to open the app to download more faces as the watch can only save five faces. One of them (Dial 4) can be personalized with a photo from your smartphone gallery. You can choose from a list of pre-selected apps to add up to two custom combinations and change the text color and position.

Although they do it figuratively, the built-in and downloadable watch faces show a lot of data. You cannot touch these issues to access related apps and view additional information. You will need a lot of swiping because of the many features and simple user interface. Six swipes to the left are required to access the SpO2 app from the main watch face.

Instead, you can swipe right to see a vertical list of apps. Scroll down to find the SpO2 app, then tap it once to open it, then tap it again to take a measurement.

Zebronics Smart Watch Software
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Zebronics Smart Watch Performance And Battery Life

As you swipe, the ZEB-FIT4220CH’s software provides transitions and animations, all smooth and lag-free. All apps on your smartphone screen will show notifications, but you won’t be able to reply to them.

The third of the watch’s five brightness levels is what I typically use during our review period, and it seems more than adequate when worn indoors. However, for comfortable viewing in direct sunlight, you’ll need to turn it all the way up. The LCD screen has good viewing angles, but you’ll have to manually increase the brightness using the drop-down panel.

There are also additional toggles and indicators for things like vibration, weather, Bluetooth status, and battery life. The jagged edges on text and icons are easy to see throughout the user interface thanks to the low resolution of the 1.3-inch screen.

Bluetooth calling is supported by this smartwatch. Your watch and smartphone must be paired separately via Bluetooth as they do not use the same connection for calls and data synchronization. Once paired, the smartwatch allows you to call your favorite contacts, check recent calls, and use the dial pad.

The speaker sounds so muffled that it’s difficult for callers to understand speech, even when a call is active (as long as the watch is within range of a smartphone). To make sure that the person on the other end of the line could hear me clearly, I had to hold the watch in front of me because the microphone on the watch didn’t pick up my voice well. Therefore, the Bluetooth calling feature, while active, is more of a novelty.

Implementing Bluetooth calling has the odd side effect of regularly routing all audio from the phone to the watch speaker. I have to repeatedly disconnect my watch’s bluetooth from my phone after every call because this keeps happening.

SpO2 and heart rate readings from smart watches are accurate compared to readings from conventional pulse oximeters. Although the tests were only a few minutes apart, there was a significant difference in blood pressure readings. These results are very different from those I get from my doctor’s blood pressure monitor.

Model-wise, the sleep tracking is accurate, but the watch often underperforms when I fall asleep, and that also happens by a large margin of two to three hours. I wouldn’t believe the results of this sleep tracker.

The Watch offers very basic fitness tracking with seven sports modes, including basketball, badminton, cycling, walking, and skipping rope. Finer grain grades without variations or drill bits have better options.

There are no alternatives offered here, such as running outdoors versus a treadmill or cycling indoors on an exercise bike versus a real bike. I manually counted up to 1,000 steps when using walking mode. My path is uneven and the 981 reading on the meter, which accurately represents reality, is correct.

Zebronics Smart Watch Performance And Battery Life
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With a 220mAh battery and average 10-15% daily battery consumption, Zebronics smartwatches easily last 6-7 days on a single charge. When used indoors, the screen brightness is set to 3, and when used outdoors, the screen is set to 5. I have all alerts turned on, tracked some physical activity every other day and turn on all health monitoring features.

The expected standby time is now only 3-4 days due to frequent use of Bluetooth calling function which leads to rapid battery drain.

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After using the Zebronics smartwatch for about two weeks, it’s easy to say that it behaves more like a smart bracelet with a large screen than a smartwatch. This is mainly due to the device’s extremely simple user interface, limited fitness tracking capabilities, low-resolution display, and lack of essential features like an ambient light sensor.

There are many features of Zebronics smartwatches, but not all of them work as expected. SpO2 tracking, Bluetooth calling, and a premium metal body with adjustable straps are included. Moreover, this widget has the look and feel of a typical clock. You should keep this in mind if you plan to use the sleep and blood pressure monitoring features.

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